Songs of Our Wedding

Songs of Our Wedding


our leap year Wedding soundtrack

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Everyone who knows me, knows I love a bit of a cheeky dance here and's in my blood! From some good old 80's, to a bit of funk, country, name it and I will dance to it! It is just so right for those few short minutes to really dance like no-one is truly feel the music and be in the moment is where I want to live my life! 

So when it came to choosing the music for our wedding, it was at first a little daunting to put some tunes together that we thought would match our mood on the day, but also reflect who we are as a couple. So the following was our choice for all our songs from our Wedding Day. 



1. Walk down the aisle - 'The Wedding Song' by Angus and Julia Stone

The lyrics in the song are just on point - 'We're going to build a life together....' need I say more?


2. Signing the register – ‘This Old Love’ by Lior

When Ben and I were first together we went on a road trip, and amongst all my cheesy goodness with the Spice Girls and S Club 7, he got to play some of his music. That trip he introduced me to Lior and this beautiful track, and as soon as I heard it I mentioned that I would definitely use that song in my wedding. And so we did.


3. Back up Register song – ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters

I have always loved the Foo Fighters, I’ve seen them live in concert and I’m just a massive fan. Dave Grohl said this song is about "being connected to someone so much that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonize perfectly."


4. Exit Song – ‘Let’s Take the Long Way Home’ by The Beautiful Girls

Another song and band that Ben introduced me to and I thank him for that. This song we have loved for a long time, and we were in The Hoey Moey in Coffs Harbour one year when The Beautiful Girls were playing, and I distinctly remember them playing this song and Ben turning to me to sing ‘Little girl you know I love you so’ and it just made me feel a million. That is why we included it in our wedding.


5. First Dance Song – ‘Love You Right’ by Mat McHugh

So this song was originally going to be ‘This Old Love’ by Lior but my Brother in Law had it as his first dance song. So one night we are out at The Brass Monkey watching Mat McHugh (from The Beautiful Girls) perform his new album and he played ‘Love You Right’. I was sitting there just thinking how beautiful the song was, and Ben was sitting right next to me and we just looked at each other and nodded. That is how we decided this would be our first dance song.


6. My Daddy Daughter Dance – ‘Little Ray of Sunshine’ by Axiom

So growing up, Dad was always playing games with us when it came to music – Who sings this song, what is this song called – and it was always fun (I go alright at trivia nights with music). One of his favourite musicians growing up was Leo Sayer and Dad and I would always sing on the road trips along with Leo. When it came to choosing the song, I asked mum what Leo song she thought, and she actually mentioned that ‘Little Ray of Sunshine’ actually reminded Dad of me, so when I went through and listened to this song I couldn’t go past it. Being Dad’s only Girl really made this song special. On our night, my Dad cried when it came on and we danced and cried and danced and loved every moment of it!

Enjoy planning,

Liss xo

Vow Freakout...

Vow Freakout...

Inspiration for vows comes from some random places…


So I have a quick question for you...

Who is freaking out about their Vows? Are you losing sleep, having a mind blank, unable to think of anything fun or witty to write? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us!

For one example – My Husband! He decided it would be more appropriate to express his vows with the help of a little known guy by the name of Rick Astley and the lyrics to his hit song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ (which I have to admit, was him). And the great part about it, it took our guests a little while to realise what was going on. It was hilarious and so much fun!

A vow is after all a promise or a personal commitment: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna to run around or desert you...I think they are quite valid points in a marriage, don't ya think?

And that’s my point right there. If you feel the pressure of writing your vows, simply look at inspiration around you. Are there any lyrics to a song that you feel captures your thoughts? What about some pop culture references? Or a line you read in a book?

Keep a look out, and start listening to the lyrics a little closer….see where your imagination takes you! It could be the inspiration you have been looking for!

Good luck,

Liss x

How to say No like a lady!

How to say No like a lady!

So everyone wants to help out with your wedding….how to say No like a lady!


Unwanted help does come in many different ways as soon as you mention you’re getting MARRIED! There are so many characters with so many conflicting opinions. So where do you start to weed out the truly helpful ones….

  • Well one of the first things you should acknowledge here, for the most part, these people are usually offering to help because they either love and care for you, have been there and done that, are control freaks, or feel just feel obliged to offer their hand. Once you establish their motives it will help with your approach with them.
  •  Be kind though and show you appreciate the offer. Acknowledging their emotional intent first will definitely help you get further especially when it comes to saying No like a lady.
  • Try not to provide too many details to these people, as they will find a way to weasel their way into your plans. So attempt to avoid going into the finer details of your day by possibly distracting them with food and wine and chocolate…you know, just the great known distractions in time.
  • You can also thank them for the offer but gently let them know it has already been taken care of, and you will let them know if something does change, they will be the first person you will contact.
  • If someone is persistent and adamant in helping you, then provide them a very small task to do because let’s be honest, they will be happy just to be helping out.
  • Don’t forget to your partner is there to help too! So if it’s their side of the equation playing up, they should definitely step up to help sort it out.
  • The three most powerful words you can use in this situation…. No, Thank You! They can be absolute magic!

If all else fails, your good old friend Wine will always be by your side!

Good Luck with your planning,

Liss X

Holy Sh*tballs, I’m Engaged….what do I do now?

Holy Sh*tballs, I’m Engaged….what do I do now?

Holy Shitballs, I’m Engaged….what do I do now?


Well first of all breathe…take it all in! You’re engaged and it’s a super exciting and just a fun experience to be going through. So make sure you take time out to just go ‘Hey…this is pretty cool’

Now reality kicks in and the endless list that follows: picking a date, a venue, the food, a photographer, the dress, the invites, the celebrant, are you having an engagement party? Or going straight for the big event? Who will be in your bridal party? Are you having a bridal party? And the list unfortunately doesn’t stop there…

And now you are thinking ‘Geez Liss, did you have to freak us out like that?’ and now you are screaming into your pillow having a mini breakdown…but when you are there, don’t go all Brittany and shave your head (because you will want to have hair on your wedding day) maybe go with more of a Elsa approach and just let it go! Let it all out …and I suppose now you’re thinking ‘Why Liss why! Why did you have to put that song in my head’ – whoops my bad!

But hey the good news is it’s not all that Bad. You’re not the first person to be here and it’s good to have a mini freakout so you can prioritise what is most important to you. And that is the best advice I have for my couples…make sure with everything you do, it actually means something to you and is not a ‘tradition’ you ‘feel you have to’ follow because you were told by your brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s cousin that you have to do it. Do it because it is real to you both.

So sit down, preferably over a good drink or two, and just start writing a list out of what you want out of your wedding. Then start working through the list and once a decision is made, move on and tick it off your list. Don’t feel bad if you forget something, at the end of the day, no one knows what you have planned so they don’t know what they are missing out on. And remember, it is YOUR Wedding so enjoy the experience!

Liss X