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Celebrate Life


Celebrate Life

There are so many occasions through life that we want to stand up and say
‘Hey, this is pretty cool!’

These moments can come at any time…


When you have a bundle of joy you want to celebrate and introduce to your close circle of family and friends…

When you have found a partner that you want to show to the world you are committed to and want to make that known…

When you have been together for so many years and want to reaffirm your love, commitment and vows to each other…

When you have gone through a transition in your life and want to be reintroduced as your true self!

 There are so many cool occasions that we can certainly arrange a ceremony for.

As these celebrations vary and can include so many aspects (we aren’t bound by any legal requirements) we can truly go for it! So please give me a call and let’s discuss what you are looking to celebrate!

Baby Naming Days • Commitment Ceremonies • Vow Renewals • Transgender Identities