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Meet Alissia


Meet Alissia

Nice to meet you! Let me tell you a little about me...


sydney celebrant

I am a girl from Brisbane who loves to have fun and make people laugh. I have grown up with a great bunch of people around me from dancing to hockey and everywhere in between.

After finding myself in a rut I decided to flip a coin – Stay in Brisbane or Move to Sydney…..and guess what happened!  I love it in Sydney….it does help that I met the most incredible partner in crime to spend my days with. Ben makes me laugh (he loves his dad jokes) he challenges me but backs me all the way.  We love supporting our local community, mostly through the many restaurants and cafes nearby, and we got married on 29th February 2016 - Leap Year (there's a photo down there!) and we just became parents to Oscar!

The beautiful thing about all of this, it lead me to become a celebrant.


A great wine with great company, dancing the way your soul feels, knowing that you create your own fun wherever you go, what other people think of you is none of your business, and that everyone has a story to tell… no judgements!

Be kind, not only to others but also yourself. Try not to take life too seriously, it will still go on whether you are crying or laughing….or crying from laughing! There is pure beauty in simplicity. It doesn’t cost anything to smile and always stand up for what you believe in!

Marriage Equality

I’m a massive fan of people being exactly who they are. Love is Love! And Marriage is knowing someone has your back, always, and you have theirs. It’s about navigating through all the good and bad times and knowing you are still loved.

Marriage is about setting your egos aside and becoming a team. There’s a wonderful sense of appreciation and security with Marriage. And that is the reason why I absolutely support and love to marry Everyone in Love! 


Helping people tell their story and having fun doing it…that is where I want to be!